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    How do I get a diploma translated before a notary in Israel? I am a new repatriate and want my certificate of diploma to be found legal in Israel. What should I do? Can a translation of a certificate of education, which is not certified by a notary, be good enough to be accepted by foreign educational institutions? The following article answers all these and additional questions regarding translation of Israeli or foreign certificates of secondary education.

    What is the correct procedure for translating a certificate from University or a College before a notary?

    Translation of a certificate from educational institute is often divided in two main stages: first, it is the translation of the diploma second, the translation of the transcript of records. It is important to note that graduate’s name on both documents must be translated exactly the same way as it is specified in the foreign language in the formal identity document, which is to be shown at a foreign college or university by the graduate. Many graduates, who have dual citizenship, often decide to pursue their further studies in the country of their second citizenship. For example, an Israeli citizen with a French passport, who is interested in continuing academic education in France, will be required to submit a translation of his/her diploma together with the academic transcript into French by an educational institution in France. However, it is important to make sure the graduate’s name in the French translation is identical with his/her name specified in the French passport.

    Our notary office has great experience in translating diplomas and/or certificates from Schools, college and universities in different languages. We always keep track of all the variations and details that differ educational institutions of one country from another.

    I am a new repatriate and want my certificate of education to be found legal in Israel. What should I do?

    A lot of new repatriates arrive in Israel after leaving secondary school both because of their desire to repatriate and after they take part in such important projects as the Taglit and the like. Most of these new repatriates are interested in receiving higher education in Israel, but this requires their foreign certificates of education to be recognized by the Ministry of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education in Israel. Thus, they have to translate their diplomas from the language they are drafted in into Hebrew and certify them before notary. It should be stressed that in most of the cases their foreign certificates of education will have to be legalized by affixing an Apostille in the country of issuance.

    Can a translation of a diploma, which is not certified by a notary, be good enough to be accepted by foreign educational institutions?

    The answer is in the negative. The legal force of a notarized translation combined with Apostille stamp actually raises a presumption of accuracy of the contents of the document and fidelity of the translation of the document. However, confirmation of the document with an Apostille confers upon this document the validity of a document drafted in the country, where it is shown, in accordance with the Hague Convention.

    If a regular translation of a certificate of education is submitted to a foreign educational institution, even though it has been certified by a notary or a professional translator, it does not assure the educational institution authorities that the applicant actually meets the criteria generally or has an Israeli diploma specifically.