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    Have you married a foreigner? Does your spouse want to emigrate to Israel or do you want to emigrate to another country? The authorities may require you to submit a notarized translation of your marriage certificate.

    Translations of marriage certificates have been officially recognized as taken cognizance of in recent years both by Israeli and foreign authorities for population registration.

    There are three most common situations when you might need to show a notarized translation of your marriage certificate:

    Translation of a marriage certificate in cases when a spouse is a foreign citizen who wants to emigrate to Israel

    In this case, you will have to submit the original marriage certificate to the notary, who knows the language it is written in, so that the notary can translate the marriage certificate and notarize the translation. Please note that you can often be required to show the Apostille of the country that issued the marriage certificate and the notary will also have to translate the foreign.

    Since the document will be shown to the authorities in Israel, there is no need in legalizing the document by affixing an Israeli Apostille.

    Translation of a marriage certificate in case when a spouse is a foreign citizen and both of you want to be naturalized in his/her country

    This being the case, two options are available: first, when a couple got married in the country, where they want to get settled, then the marriage certificate will be shown to the authorities of the foreign country, and this foreign subject in certain circumstances will be requested to show the notarized translation of the birth certificate.

    Provided that the couple got married in Israel, the marriage certificate will be translated into the official language of the country they are interested in immigrating to, as well as the marriage certificate to be submitted to the relevant authority together with the translation of marriage certificate notarized and apostilled in Israel (in most cases).

    Translation of a marriage certificate. In the case when one or some partners, who have the right under the Law of Return, get the immigrant status in Israel in accordance with the Law of Return.

    In this case, the couple will show the foreign marriage certificate appostilled in another country to a notary in Tel Aviv or some other city. Please note that it is advisable to have a notary translate the marriage certificate into Hebrew. The Apostille has to be translated into Hebrew and the translation of the foreign marriage certificate has to be notarized.

    Again, in this case, it is not necessary to ratify the document with an Israeli Apostille.