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    12 Oppenheimer street, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv


Rosenberg & Co Law Offices and Notary in Tel Aviv is one of the most experienced and skillful notary offices in Tel Aviv. We have been delivering professional services for 40 years. We provide you with a wide range of notary services, all the required information, and we help you tackle the most complicated and disputable notarial problems promptly and legally.

Do you need notary services in Tel Aviv? Are you required to submit a notarized translation of a document? Do you want to issue a power of attorney for your agent?

Our notaries in Tel Aviv render the full range of notary services:

  • Notarized translations of various certificates, court decisions, and any other documents into Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, English, and other languages;
  • Notarial certification of translations;
  • Drafting up and witnessing agreements, powers of attorneys, declarations, and other documents;
  • Certification of the authenticity of signature on various documents;
  • Witnessing the authenticity of copies of documents and extracts thereof;
  • Certification of life;
  • Drafting of notarized invitations for tourists to travel to Israel;
  • Drafting and certification of wills;
  • Parents’ consent for minor children to travel abroad;
  • Preparation of documents for conclusion of marriage abroad;
  • Ratification of marriage contracts;
  • Legalization of documents, Apostille in Israel.

Notarized Translations in Tel Aviv

Our office will translate your documents to time and quality targets. The skills and expertise of our personnel allows us to make translations of both standard documents (such as birth certificate, certificate marriage, divorce certificate, certificate of good conduct (no criminal record), etc.), and complex legal documents, including different types of agreements and contracts, judicial decisions, wills, etc.

Notarized Power of Attorney in Tel Aviv

We have obtained a wealth of experience in drafting various types of powers of attorney. At our office, you can draft a power of attorney in Hebrew, English, Russian, Ukrainian, as well as legalize a power of attorney for operations abroad and receive an apostilled document. Have one of a notary help you issue a power of attorney to sell an apartment, receive a pension, discover documents, as well as other actions.

Certification of the Authenticity of Signature in Tel Aviv

Whether you are going to send your child abroad alone or you are going to renounce succession as heir, or need to submit documents to a foreign court without leaving Israel? Our notaries will help you with all these. One of the most popular notary actions is certification of the authenticity of signature on a document. The notary will not only confirm that it was you who signed the document, so that making it official, but also draft different applications, declarations, permissions that you might need.

Legalization of Documents in Tel Aviv (Apostille)

In accordance with the requirements of the Hague Convention of 1961, official documents intended to be used abroad are required to be apostilled in the country of issuance. We render our clients services in legalization of both official documents issued by Israeli state institutions and the notarial documents. If you possess a legally correct document, you can rest assured that this document will always be accepted by any official institutions.

Our Tel Aviv notary office renders services in Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and English.

Moreover, we provide you with an opportunity to order services online, by fax, by mail, and by courier.

Favourable location of the office of Rosenberg & Co Law Offices and Notary in the heart of Tel Aviv, makes the services even more available, prompt, and of higher quality.