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Notarized Certification of Translations in Netanya

Certification of authenticity of translations is of the most common notarial actions.

Notarized translation of documents is the translation of a document executed by a notary. The notary certifies with his/her signature and seal that the translation is authentic and true representation of the original copy.

To have the notarized translation of documents a client needs to provide the notary with the source document under seal of the issuing institution, its reference number, and the date of issue.

Certification of translation of documents drafted in foreign countries requires the submission of the source document with affixed Apostille stamp or a consular legalization stamp, which is affixed in the country of origin of the document.

Notarized Power of Attorney in Netanya 

Power of attorney is a written authorization granted by one person (principal) to another person (agent or attorney) for the representation before third parties. The person, in whose name the document is made, must be personally present in order to draw up a power of attorney. The principal must have proof of identification (Teudat Zehut, foreign passport “Darkon” or a foreign country passport).

In case if an Israeli company needs to send its representative on a foreign business trip to carry out business of any type, it is mandatory to have a notarized power of attorney that empowers this representative to act legally within the powers granted to him or her. A company power of attorney must be certified by a notary and then legalized.

Notarization of Prenuptial Agreement in Netanya

A notary is authorized to confirm a prenuptial agreement as if it were done in court. It is done so that neither party will be able to walk out on the agreement in the future under the pretext that it was signed under pressure or it is incorrect.

Notarized Will in Netanya

The difference between an ordinary will and a certified will is that it is more complicated to challenge a certified will. As a rule, married couples are interested in such kind of a will when in case of one of the spouse’s death, his/her property falls to the other one and vice versa. In case of both spouses’ death, the heir or heirs are named. For the purposes of the law, a notarized will expresses the testator’s will and wish and it is drawn up of the testator’s free will and without outside influence.

Notarized Certificate of Life in Netanya

In certain cases, it is necessary to confirm that a certain person is still alive. For example, it is often required for elderly people, who are interested in carrying out particular actions abroad, and who do not want or are not able to go abroad, to submit such a certificate of life. A notary is legally authorized to establish the fact that a person is still alive and issue a corresponding document. The establishment of the fact that an individual is still alive is carried out both when the individual appear before the notary or outside the place, which is the notary’s workstation.

Apostille in Netanya – Legalization of Documents by the Notary in Netanya

Legalization of Documents is a set of formal procedures applied to validate a document on the territory of a foreign country. For example, a power of attorney to sell an apartment in Russia notarized by an Israeli notary has the same legal power as a power of attorney drawn up by a Russian notary. It is of course conditional upon the legalization procedure. The ultimate purpose of the procedure of legalizing a document issued on the territory of one foreign country is to be able to submit it to the official authorities of another country. Affixing an Apostille stamp is done to send a document to the countries that acceded to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 abolishing the requirement for legalisation for foreign public documents and introducing the simplified procedure of affixing an Apostille stamp.