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    Certification of Israeli Public Documents

    How can I obtain an Apostille in Israel? Where can I obtain an Apostille? What is “Apostille Israel”? What is “Apostille” stamp? This article will provide you with the answers to these and other questions. Moreover, you will also find information on the translation of Apostille and legalization of documents.

    Israeli Notaries Law, 1976 – Part I: Verification of Notary’s signature

    45 (а). Israeli Notary’s signature pursuant to the authority in accordance with this Law and provisions hereof, on a document, is intended to be used abroad, and for the purpose of verification at the request of the person concerned by the registrar of the Supreme Court or a civil servant appointed by the Justice Minister.

    How receive certification of Israeli Public Documents?

    • Legalization of a State-Issued Document

      If you want to certify a document issued by a government office and witness the source and authenticity of this document, you need to affix Apostille.

      Different government offices such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, Ministry of Education and the like may affix Apostille. Legalization of documents is designed to prevent counterfeiting, and if one wants to prove the contents and authenticity of the document for foreign authorities, as in the case of migration to foreign countries, then the person will be required to present to the authorities official Israeli documents affixed with Apostille. The duty is collected for affixing an Apostille.

    • Legalization of a State Issued Document with a Notarized Translation

      In this case, Apostille is required to be affixed twice. Such a situation often happens when a person needs to translate a birth certificate, but foreign state authorities require an original document to be submitted together with the translation. In this case, an Apostille is required both on the reverse side of the original certificate of birth issued by the Israeli Ministry of Interior and on the reverse side of the notarized translation made by an Israeli Notary.

    • Apostille on Notarized Documents

      An Apostille should be affixed to prove that the notarized document, such as a notarized translation or notarized signature verification, was signed and authenticated by an Israeli Notary.

      Apostille can be affixed at the offices of the Ministry of Justice located in some Israeli judicial authorities.

      Legalization of notarized documents is intended to prevent forgery of Notary’s signature and seal.

      Court personnel have access to the computer system that stores a sample of Notary’s signature and personal seal. The duty is collected for affixing an Apostille.

    • Where can certificate Israeli Public Documents?

      As has been noted above, legalization of a state-issued document by affixing Apostille can be done in such government institutions as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.

      Some Israeli courts can affix Apostille for certification of identity and Notary’s seal.

      If an Apostille of both types is required, a state duty is collected.

    • What is Apostille in Israel?

      Apostille in Israel is affixed under the Hague Convention of 05 October 1961. The purpose of this Convention is to solve problems related to the recognition of documents issued in different countries. The countries that signed the Convention must accept foreign documents authenticated by an Apostille stamp as if they were issued by the country where they are presented or submitted.

    • What is an Apostille Stamp?

      An Apostille stamp is a sticker bearing a standard text in accordance with the Hague Convention. The text contains the name of the country that issues the document, the identity of the person, who signed the Apostille, as well as the title and place of employment of such person (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, judicial authorities, etc.), the date of affixing of the Apostille stamp, serial number, signature and seal.

    • What is Apostille?

      In accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961 signed by most Western countries, each signatory country authorizes the notary to notarize documents so that the document issued and translated in Israel with an Apostille stamp can be valid in all signatory countries and have the same legal force as the document issued in any signatory state.

      Apostille is mostly affixed on birth certificates, which are required for many legal actions abroad. It is often required to have a power of attorney for care of minor children to travel abroad as well.

    What is the purpose of an Apostille issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    Foreign countries and authorities may request an additional Apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be affixed on certificates (such as birth certificates, diplomas, etc.) issued by the State of Israel (the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, etc.) in order to verify the signature of a clerk on a public certification and therefore prevent the forgery of civil servants’ signature.