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  • fast and conv Fast and Convenient

    Urgent translations delivered the same day. Some services can be conducted without personal attendance of the client.

  • перевод свидетельство в израиле VIP Services

    Services are conducted at the client’s location if required. Moreover, our notaries travel outside Israel.

  • перевод справки в израиле We share a common language

    As an advantage of our office, we render services in English, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian.


    Notarized Translations

    • The translation is drafted as a legal translation. Our office translates documents using professional translators in every language, including:

      • Notarized translations to English
      • Notarized translations to Hebrew
      • Notarized translations to Russian
      • Notarized translations to Ukrainian
      • Notarized translations to Romanian
      • Notarized translations to Moldavian
      • Notarized translations to other languages as well.
    • We translate both documents and certificates of all types, including:

      • Translation of marriage certificates
      • Translation of birth certificates
      • Translation of divorce certificates
      • Translation of death certificates
      • Translation of diplomas
      • Translation of educational transcripts
      • Translation of matriculation certificates into English and other languages
      • Translation of professional certifications
      • Translation of academic degrees
      • Translation of medical documentation
    • Notarized Power of Attorney

      Our office has vast experience in drafting notarial powers-of-attorney such as irrevocable powers-of-attorney and the following:

      • Notarized power of attorney for the sale of real estate
      • Notarized power of attorney for the sale of an automobile
      • Notarized power of attorney for sale of real estate out side of Israel
      • Notarized power of attorney to authorize an individual to carry out legal actions
      • General notarized power of attorney
      • Notarized power of attorney for all legal purposes according to the client’s needs
    • Apostille in Israel

      We provide apostille services both urgent and regular. Our office legalize documents of the courts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and other similar bodies. The apostille certifications are made daily by our team.

      It should be emphasized that obtaining an Apostille involves payment of a certain fee.

    • Notarized Signature Verification

      Notarized signature verification is performed in our office before a notary, when a person presents the notary with the document that he or she wishes to sign and upon which the notary will verify the signer’s signature by means of a notarial signature verification.

      Notarized signature verification is performed both on documents that a client provides the notary as well as on documents that are drafted in our office by our professional staff.


    Notarized will

    • Our firm specializes in notarized wills. Notarized wills are drafted by the best attorneys in our office who specialize and work in inheritance law.

      In light of extensive professional experience of our office’s Wills, Trusts and Estates Division, the client’s will prepared a manner that avoids future legal complications. Wills are verified by a notary who checks the testator’s legal capacity (competence under the law to make a will), whether the testator is aware of the content and is preparing the document of his or her own free will without pressure or outside influence. Note that in extreme circumstances, we also film the signing event in order to prevent future claims by those objecting to the probate of the will.

      Our office specializes in providing the following services:

      • Drafting, executing and verifying notarized wills
      • Drafting, executing and verifying mutual wills
      • Drafting, executing and verifying wills before witnesses


    • Note that our firm provides notary services at the client’s home in cases where the client is not able or willing to come to our office, including cases such as:

      • Certification and drafting of notarized wills in a nursing home
      • Certification and drafting of notarized wills in a hospital
      • Certification and drafting of notarized wills in the client’s home